Massage Praxis

Ea Massage praxis was founded after more than 18 years of professional experience in Wellness and Spa industry across the globe.


Ea Massage praxis and Spa consulting

Welcome to Ea massage praxis and Spa Consulting in Zurich!

Give yourself and your body a break, relax and rejuvenate. Or if you have any questions about building or improving your own spa, you are at the right address to consult with the experts.

Treatment offer of Ea massage praxis in Zurich is rich and carefully thought. At your disposal you have treatments focusing on:

- all of them tailored especially for your needs.

In Ea Spa Consulting you also have the possibility to broaden your knowledge in the field of spa development through consultation praxis. Process includes dealing with questions of interior design, recruitment and training of your spa staff, optimization of operations and definition of the menu.

Massage Praxis in Zurich

Physiotherapist Goran Zivic offers a new standard of manual massages, body therapies and relaxation techniques. The philosophy of Ea massage practice in Zurich is based on individual optimization of treatment for each guest at a given time.

Spa Consulting worldwide - Customized Spa Concepts

For more than 10 years Goran Zivic and his Team have successfully developed and implemented customized spa concepts all around the Globe. Together with your ideas Ea makes your spa incomparable.

Goran Zivic Dipl. Physiotherapeut / Spa-Berater

Goran Zivic Physical Therapist / Spa-Consultant

The meaning of "Ea"

4000 years ago in Sumerian civilization Ea was God of water, medical knowledge and wisdom. Later on, Mesopotamian and Babylonian civilization have accepted Ea God and in honor of his name named the first public baths with cleaning rituals and treatments.

In January 2013 Ea Massage Praxis & Spa Consulting company in the hart of Zurich, in Altstetten, was established.

"Ea is the God who never lies, never cheats, and all his power he uses only for the benefit of mankind ..."

- Sumerian inscription 2500-3000 B.C.