Back and Neck Therapeutic Massage

Trigger point therapy

Back and Neck Massage is based on a combination of Classical and Deep Tissue massage. Focus is to relieve neck and back muscles from trigger points. Trigger points are hyperirritable spots, or “knots” in skeletalmuscles, usually painful when pressed. This massage is recommended for individuals who experience:

  • acute or chronic back and neck pain
  • numbness or pain in the arms
  • tension-types headaches
  • sleep depravation
  • high level of stress


Back and Neck Massage is created in order to help individuals in today’s modern civilization. It is designed for people who spend most of their working hours in static position, repeating the same movements.

Back and Neck Massage 
  • 30 min - 85 chf
  • 45 min - 110 chf
  • 60 min - 135 chf