Deep Tissue Massage

Relieve the muscles

Deep Tissue Massage is created to relieve muscles located below the superficial muscles. Deep and very precise, technique is mainly performed with the thumb. This type of massage is recommended for individuals who experience:

  • consistent pain in skeletal-muscular system
  • numbness of extremities
  • sore muscles
  • heavy physical activity
  • a long period in passive position


Deep Tissue Massage was not known as an individual technique until beginning of the 19th century. It was developed in Canada. Since then this type of massage evolved in a wide range of different techniques.

Persons with blood vessel issues, heart problems and weakened bones should consult a doctor before they seek Deep Tissue Massage.

Deep Tissue Massage  
  • 60 min - 135 chf
  • 75 min - 160 chf
  • 90 min - 185 chf