Manual Lymph Drainage

Light and gentle massage

Manual Lymph Drainage is a special form of very light and gentle massage. Movements are long, rhythmical and always towards lymph nodes or trunks. Some of the benefits are:

  • reducing of edema (swelling) of various origin
  • removal of toxins and waste products from the body
  • decrease of problems associated with adipose and cellulite tissue


Dr. Emil Vodder (1896-1986) was pioneer in developing and introducing manual lymph drainage into the official medicine. He developed this technique working with patients who suffered from chronic sinusitis and other immune disorders. Today next to Dr. Vodder’s technique there are a lot of variations, and all of them have shown good results.

Manual Lymph Drainage  
  • 30 min - 85 chf
  • 45 min - 110 chf
  • 60 min - 135 chf